Right Place-Right Time!

To all the "I'll never join one of those online dating apps, I prefer to meet people the old fashioned way"  people out there...

Well heres your chance...

HeyUp Dating App brings dating back to real life!

We meet people everyday, whether you're commuting to and from work, going to the supermarket, out shopping, in the gym, out walking or cycling, whatever you may be doing, it's not always easy to approach somebody you feel you've had a connection with, which is why HeyUp can help.

It’s the dating app that is built on real life interactions…We aim to bring the romance back to dating and bring dating back to real life, giving you a second chance to make a first impression. It has more innovative features than any other dating app and is by far the cheapest! We meet new people everyday, HeyUp gives you the opportunity to connect with those people. 

HeyUp is a location based dating app offering users a real time dating platform, where users can track others, they have passed whilst out and about in real life, to ensure you never miss a dating opportunity again. Whether you're on a train, in a bar or in the supermarket, you can see who's passing you by. It’s a great help for the less confident people who would shy away from asking someone on a date face to face for the fear of rejection. It’s a far more natural way of meeting someone.

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